Basement Remodeling Mistakes

What Not To Do With Your Basement Remodeling

Making the wise choice to get started with a basement remodeling project is exciting. This space has so much untapped potential and you're basically starting with a clean slate.

Of course, that fresh canvas can just as easily turn into a disaster, if you don't make careful choices. Not to put too much pressure on you, but you really do need to make careful choices during this renovation journey, in order to dodge some remodeling nightmares, and can learn from the mistakes of others.

Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Having success with your project isn't just about learning what you should do. Learning about blunders and the erroneous mistakes of others is a great way to figure out how to approach your basement finishing project.

  • Not carefully screening your Alaska remodeling and roofing contractor is a huge mistake. This is the professional in charge of the entire operation; why would you haphazardly make a choice about who you hire? Don't choose your contractor based on the lowest quote, especially since those quotes usually mysteriously go up after the job starts. Opt for good value which means superior results for a reasonable price.
  • Ignoring existing moisture problems. Questionable contractors will try to convince you that excess dampness is because the space isn't "lived in." Or, they'll sell you on the idea of a quick fix with some sealant and some Damp Rid. It's important to get to the bottom of the problem and deal with it before moving forward with the project. In some instances, your basement may not be a candidate for finishing, but better safe than sorry. No basement is dry enough to be finished in its current state.
  • Not having a clear plan for the space before finishing it. In cases like this, the homeowner usually ends up disappointed with the final results because they figure out what they want to use the space for during the process and then it's too late to plan the layout accordingly. Unless you're finishing it just to flip the house and don't care, it's better to have a vision for how you want to use the space so you can plan with this in mind.

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